How are the specimens processed and stored?
Please refer to the Specimen Detail page.


What kind of clinical information can we request?
Clinical information gathered as part of the study protocol may be released to research personnel  if they are not considered identifying patient information. If the clinical information you require are considered identifiers (i.e. MRN, name, age, gender, etc.)  you will need to be amended to the IRB protocol for the study. If you need to be put on the IRB, please contact Karen Coughlan for BWH or Sarah Garcia for Dana-Farber (their emails are posted below).


I’m not sure if the clinical data I am requesting requires IRB approval, who should I talk to? 
If you are unsure if you will need to be amended on the study’s IRB protocol, please contact:

  • Karen Coughlan (kcoughlan@partners.org) for BWH inquiries
  • Sarah Garcia (Sarah_Garcia@dfci.harvard.edu) for Dana-Farber inquiries


Can I search for clinical information on the REDCap biospecimen catalogue?
Only limited clinical information is on the REDCap biospecimen catalogue (i.e. diagnosis, treatment). To request additional clinical information please contact Karen Coughlan to make sure you are on the study’s IRB protocol. Any additional clinical information will then be gathered and sent to you by the study coordinators once you have IRB approval.


When will I get my requested specimen and/or clinical data?
Depending on the number of specimens requested, if you are requesting corresponding clinical data, and IRB approval status, specimens are usually ready in a week. If you need to request IRB approval, the timeframe can vary so please make sure you have checked with Karen Coughlan (BWH) or Sarah Garcia (Dana-Farber) on whether you will need to be added to the study’s IRB protocol.


Who can request biospecimen/clinical data from the TRRC?
Currently, requests and clinical data release are for the Department of Dermatology only. If you will be working with outside collaborators on your project, please contact the study PI you are making the request from as well as:

  • Karen Coughlan (kcoughlan@partners.org) for all BWH collaborations
  • Sarah Garcia (Sarah_Garcia@dfci.harvard.edu) for all Dana-Farber collaborations